16-week sprints

We are a team of three people including two co-founders.
We are doing a series of 16 sprints over the course of 16 weeks (May - August inclusive) with the ultimate objective:
making every interaction on ConnectDome worthwhile. i.e. every interaction should align with our goal of fostering:
  • a work environment where the socializing aspect is automated and easy,
  • ability to work on ideas that are not necessarily open-source (not found on Github),
  • more eureka moments among developers than ever!
There are a lot of other milestones to hit in terms of our KPIs but that first objective is what we truly care about and are going for here.
Everything else is just a sub-task to get to that point.
Grow to over 1000 users in our invite-only platform, have a 40%+ 30-day retention rate, add premium plans, and ofc, register as a business before accepting payments.


Will post separate updates for every week’s sprint with a gist of how much progress we made and how far along we are from these product shipping milestones:
  • SPA open to developers on waitlist (requested the invite code). (~week 3 sprint)
  • iOS and Android apps. (~week 6 sprint)
There’s much more to dissect here but that’d probably make the updates less interesting so I’m thinking of keeping the following format here (won’t include any biz-dev updates possibly LOL):
[TITLE OF UPDATE 🚀] [Gist of progress made, certain stuff we worked on] [Current Estimate of next product milestone]


The following is super helpful:
for work (and the community):
We got in through a different route, but well, it’s essentially the same thing.
for the sense of community:
  • YC SUS events
  • r/startup’s Discord server
  • Buildergroop on Discord
  • Gen Z Mafia on Discord
Being purposefully surrounded by the community that makes up the thriving startup ecosystem serves as a reminder that we are neither alone nor insane and that this simply is what’s required to get to point B.
Hopefully, this blog serves the single purpose of archiving a journey, nothing more or less.