ConnectDome 2.0 Beta Preview Officially Launched!

ConnectDome 2.0 Beta Preview Officially Launched!

ProductHunt update-
Hey everyone 👋,
It is Arth from ConnectDome and I come bearing good news!
First, let’s jog your memory.

What IS ConnectDome?

A platform for developers to meet other developers 1:1 and team up on projects seamlessly.
An automated feature-rich dev club on steroids.”

But, what does this thing do?

  • Meet developers 1:1 every week.
    • Our AI matches you with a compatible developer.
    • Schedule a meeting with your match during the week.
  • Team up on projects
    • We recommend projects other users are building.
    • Easily apply to one of the projects you like.
  • Build a team for your own project!
    • We recommend your projects to compatible developers.
    • Easily evaluate and take in new members for your project.
All your teams come with features like member management, group chat, and video chat (next release) to get you started.
Import a Github project OR create a new one from scratch. It is up to you.
notion image
We will send you an invite if:
  • Or, had been invited to this waitlist by me.
Or, you can request an invite here and I’ll instantly send you one if you’re a dev :))

💲 Pricing?

Free for you as an early user ❤️

📹 Demo

(Demo has music in background; feel free to mute)
Video preview

I’ll keep you posted with any updates and cool ways to use ConnectDome!
Co-Founder, ConnectDome
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