Week 1 Sprint

Week 1 Sprint


What did we do at ConnectDome during last week’s sprint?
  • Rust-Notify: A simple “open-source” service in Rust to announce new blogs on your Discord and send emails to your list via SendGrid.
    • rust-notify
      ConnectDomeUpdated May 8, 2022
      We are building this primarily for internal use but we think anyone can use it with a slight modification and fit their use case.
      Why? We host our blog on Vercel using Next.js to render our Notion blog. This means we are not able to send blog updates to subscribers automatically with this setup. So we needed something as a solution. We were initially building this service using a webhook crate but after some issues with that crate, we rewrote the webhook from scratch.
  • Migrated to Django 4.0.4 that spawned an error regarding pytz for some reason so-
  • Switched pytz → zoneinfo and refactored our ML algorithms to reflect that change.
  • .ics - .ics attachment should now be in emails for meetings scheduled on ConnectDome.
  • HTTP→ HTTPS: We had an expired certificate for a while which we just updated.
  • Switched yapf → black.
  • An updated Docker setup.
    • Code running on Docker gets updated on local change.
  • There was quite some work on the “product” involving talking to potential users, analyzing feedback, talking to potential investors, and other stuff but again, no biz-dev updates on here like we said on:

We definitely could’ve done more and moved faster but-
It’s widely known that “moving faster” also means launching fast and launching whatever we have done so far because even our best attempt at a launch would probably not be as magical as we think.
The product is not going to be perfect by any means but that’s a part of reiterating and working on a product.
So I’m sure once we launch, we’d be able to move at 10x current speed since the biggest current mental challenge (the “perfect launch”) would be past us.
Maybe I’ve watched too many YC videos lol but this is true, regardless.
Anyway, Week 2 pre-day is on and it involves doing stuff like- writing this update that would serve as a good archive when looked back upon.

Current Product Milestone

  • SPA for developers on the waitlist
    • React-ifying the codebase.

Current Estimate of next product milestone

  • May 25: SPA release.

  • Marketing-quality demo video before releasing with a blog to get you acquainted.
Also, we’re now planning to have a backup deployment on AWS (our own config with EC2 instances and other services we’d manually choose) apart from the AWS Beanstalk production and dev environments that we currently use.
Beanstalk is great but having an EC2 instance that’s not floating would be helpful too and can serve as a backup.