Weekly Log #1 - 6/14 to 6/18

🚀 One major thing we worked on in the past week
  • Networking
We are redoing some of the major features of the app and Networking will be changed a great deal in the next release 1.3b. Oh, and yes, we’ll be adding around 10 more users from the waitlist to active users in the next release!

💎 Challenges we faced and how we solved those
  • Since we're now working on adding a Search Feature for Users and Projects, we were not sure whether to use Algolia or our own search. We decided to go with Algolia for now.
Two reasons :
  • We have $1k of credits in Algolia because we're a YC SUS startup and they provide generous deals.
  • It's easier and faster to use a system that's already been built and works for us instead of configuring ElasticSearch.

🔮 What are we looking forward to in the next week
  • We’ll finish up with Networking updates we’ve been planning by this weekend.
  • We’ll be looking forward to working on “Projects” in ConnectDome. We’ll start refining existing project features (and adding more) and integrations in the coming week.

🎉 Editor's Bonus Update
  • We think that these Weekly logs help us keep on track just as much as they help you get a behind-the-scenes updates. Accountability is made better this way.
If you're also a startup, we definitely recommend doing something like this. It keeps you building and out of ruts.
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